We are InnerCircle

The people behind InC are art school graduates, painters, sculptors, illustrators and ceramicists. The idea for InnerCircle came from our mutual love for art and design. Through a collaborative process and a creative atmosphere, we created this brand together to share our oeuvre with you. 

Unique, handcrafted, a work of art

The design ideals we share are to explore common materials such as paper and wood, and combine our knowledge of arts and crafts. Thus, our goal is to create unique handcrafted items by transforming them into 'Wearable Art'.

Our current muse: Paper. It is something we’ve all come about in our daily lives. Since 2016, we have been hard at work developing the idea of 'Wearable Art'. We are proud to present our origami earrings, crafted from beautiful Washi paper imported from Japan, handmade and printed traditionally. Our earrings are specially coated with our own skin safe, water-resistant formula that retains the texture and appearance of handmade Washi paper.

Specially handcrafted in Singapore

We handcraft every single product as to guarantee finest quality to you. 


About us