Customize your own!

We do customization of cards! The way you like it! Just let us know a few things:

 - What kind of card? 

 Postcard/Invitation Card/ Greeting Card

- What size would you like?











 or you can give us your measurements!

- Which paper?

   White / Off-White / Brown / *Watercolour / *Acrylic / **Special paper (Omakase style!)

- Medium?

   Charcoal / Pencil / Ink / *Watercolour

* Price varies

** Omakase style papers! Paper styles/colours differ depending on the season and availability.

Consist of  self made papers too! Let us know and we'll send you the list!

                    Please e-mail us these details along with the image you want.

             We would review and send you our suggestions and an exact quotation.

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