How to purchase?

Please go to 'Contact/to purchase' and state the product's code number (e.g. SKU; CR-P3), your name, contact information. If you would like to make a personalised order, please scroll down to find out how.


We will send you a notice email upon receiving your order and we will require your mailing address, shipping option and payment details. We only accept payment via bank transfer.

After payment is made and confirmed, we will be ready to send your item(s) out.

What is Washi and Kami?

Washi is traditional Japanese paper and Kami is the word for paper in Japanese. We have Washi and Kami origami series of jewelry. We use Chiyogami-patterned paper for our Kami origami series. 

Are the paper origamis water-resistant?

Yes. We treat our papers with a coating to ensure that it is water-resistant and safe for our skin.

Can I place a personalised order on Origami Earrings?


Fancy a paper pattern but not in your desired origami design?Use the steps below to make a personalised order:

1. Choose 

i. Paper pattern -  

Indicate product's code number (e.g. SKU: CR-P3)

ii. Origami design -

Crane / Butterfly / Goldfish / Rabbit / Songbird

iii. Jewelry metal parts (Hook & Pin) - 

Gold / Silver

2. Go to 'Contact/to purchase' and state your personalised order.

3. Send & your order is now complete!

Kindly note that personalised orders may take 1 to 2 weeks to fulfill after receiving payment, it would also depend on the amount of orders made. As all personalised jewelry pieces are hand made to order, shipping dates cannot be guaranteed. You will receive a notification as soon as your order is ready and we will dispatch it for delivery.

Kindly note that personalised orders are subject to availability with regards to paper pattern. 

If you would like to present your order as a gift and need it by a certain date, please contact us and we will do our best to meet your request.


You may send your order/enquiries to

Where can I see your products?


We love having a chat with our customers. Please look out for any of our upcoming event at our Home page and you can pop by to have a first-hand experience of our products.