Cherry Blossom Pink Origami Butterfly Earrings

Cherry Blossom Pink Origami Butterfly Earrings


About the product

  • Pink Butterfly with white cherry blossoms
  • Butterfly: A symbol of beauty and grace
  • Hand-crafted, water-resistantlight-weight origami earrings
  • Great gift for many occasions


Materials & specifications

Paper -

  • Hand-folded with Kami paper from Japan
  • Gently coated with skin-safe sealer, gentle to skin and water-resistant

Jewellery parts -

  • Gold-plated earring pin and hook
    *Metal parts are not suitable for sensitive skin.


Please do note that each size, shape and pattern may vary.

Approximate size of this origami butterfly is 2.5 cm in height and wingspan of about 3.5 cm.

  • Care Instructions

    • Handle the earrings with care
    • Our origamis have been treated with a water-resistant coating. It is best to avoid contact with water. If the product gets wet or soaked, leave it to dry.
    • When storing, keep away from humidity and direct sunlight. It is best to store in a cool and dry area e.g. boxes, cupboard.
  • Note to customers

    - Variation in paper pattern

    Due to the way the origami paper is cut and folded, there may be a variation in patterns. Please feel free to contact us if you would like a photo of the earrings before purchasing.


    - Personalisation

    Personalised orders are available! We can make any one of our existing designs with your choice of paper pattern, including the jewellery parts. Please contact us for your request!